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Photography tips and techniques to showcase your favorite wholesale brooch jewelry

Photography of jewelry is an intimidating art where you need to put all your efforts into making your jewelry look mesmerizing to the viewers. Nailing the art of perfect photography Jewellery is an easy task if you follow the simple tips and techniques. Once you are done putting your set up correctly, it’s a lot easier to take photos of the studio setup rather than capturing pictures of large items. It’s all about preparing the materials and props accurately.

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Tips and techniques for showcasing the favorite wholesale brooch jewelry:

Natural lighting and windows:

The first and the most crucial tip of capturing the jewelry photos is to use the natural lighting of the sunlight by placing it near the window. A skilled photographer avoids using flashlights and instead uses natural light to capture brilliant, shiny-looking pieces. Using a flashlight for jewelry photography can lead to light spots having harsh shadows over the background. When you use sunlight as an indirect source, cover the window using paper or white sheet, which changes the light color creating a great picture wholesale brooch.


The backdrop is another essential factor that you should consider while performing jewelry photography. If you use a dark background, it absorbs all the light, which is why it’s advised to use a white backdrop so that better lighting is reflected over the jewelry. Taking good pictures of jewelry is a daunting task compared to any other object as it reflects light, but its size is beneficial. However, you don’t need to stretch a large sheet; instead, you can use paper, make it stand, and get ready for some fantastic pictures wholesale brooch.


The camera is not that essential when we talk about jewelry photography. Instead, it’s about using the correct lens. If you have invested in a mirrorless or DSLR camera, then you’ll have a kit lens with it. The kit lens comes with a wide-angle element plus short zoom, which gives a focal length of around 18-55mm. Such lenses are incredible for capturing live photography moments, but they aren’t suitable for capturing small objects like earrings or rings.

Purchasing macro lenses will help you overcome such challenges. So choose the lens that comes with a 60mm focal length. If you are working as a newbie and planning to start with jewelry photography, you should try investing in a macro lens that comes with 60mm of focal length. Focal length helps you attain half-life magnification size, which is around 0.5x, while expensive lenses, on the other hand, offer life-size magnification around 1:1 wholesale brooch.

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Investing in a tripod allows you to ensure proper setup so that you get focused product images. It is an excellent investment because a shaky camera is going to give you a headache. It’s frustrating for any photographer to take pictures of small objects that too with a shaky camera.

If there is a slight movement in your camera, it can cause blurred images which is why it’s the best choice to get your hands on a tripod. Choose a tripod that comes with a tripod ball head, Arca Swiss ball head, plus spirit level over either legs or head. This allows them to achieve desirable angles while capturing jewelry images wholesale brooch.

Proper stable lighting:

Light your jewelry photography setup evenly and from all sides. The setup should have continuous lights or dual flash heads on both sides, covering the right and left sides of the jewelry. Many stores sell flash lighting setups consisting of kits that contain essential accessories like umbrellas, diffuses, stands, or flags triggers wholesale brooch.

Choose correct aperture:

Using a macro lens is an incredible choice while performing jewelry photography but don’t think wider apertures will make your picture brighter. Choosing an extensive aperture results in excess light entering the lens while a small amount falls in focus. Large apertures are great for portrait photography but not for jewelry photography. Choose an aperture of around f16 or f11 to depict the jewelry pieces’ complete details and intricate designs wholesale brooch.

Mannequin bust/ cardboard/ blu-tack:

You can use the props or dummies available in the market to showcase your jewelry, most surprisingly. Several craft stores sell mannequin busts for showcasing the necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and more, giving your jewelry a realistic feel. Choosing black busts for showcasing the jewelry makes your product stand out, giving it a luxurious look.

A simple alternative to mannequin busts is to make use of cardboard where you can cover it using white paper then pin the necklace over it while adjusting the length. Cardboard might take some additional time for photography, but it gives your necklace a natural feel for the buyer. If you are into the ring business or want to showcase the rings, you can use double-sided tape, glue dots, or blu-tack for standing the rings in a horizontal position, giving them a nice angle for attractive images wholesale brooch.

Strings for earrings:

For accessories like dangling earrings or chandelier earrings, you can get your hands on thread or fishing string to take incredible images. It might take extra time to set up, but it’s worth investing your time. You can utilize a folded cardboard and stretch your string from one end to another, ensuring that your earrings stay in place at the time of photography wholesale brooch.

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Final Verdict:

Not all jewelry images will turn out incredible and give you that diva look but mastering your skills properly regarding jewelry photography will help you improve the quality and finishing of your jewelry pieces wholesale brooch.

Other than following these tips and techniques, clean the jewelry pieces properly and polish them before capturing images to get the sheen images preventing you from the hassle of editing the photos at the end. So don’t delay any further, and get ready to amaze the world with your incredible jewelry photography wholesale brooch!

Are you new to mastering the skills of capturing aesthetically appealing images of jewelry? Not sure from where to start, then click now to get an insight into all tips and techniques for the best jewelry photography wholesale brooch.

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