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How to shop inexpensive wholesale sterling silver rings for women?

How to shop inexpensive wholesale sterling silver rings for women?

sterling silver rings
sterling silver rings


Every woman wants the best jewelry for herself, and now is the time to add silver rings to your collection. Silver is a very precious and affordable metal when compared to the price of gold. Its dazzling shine not only lasts longer but is also difficult to imitate. It is one of the ancient metals and has a rich history in terms of usage. Silver rings had been a symbol of success and prosperity for centuries.

After gold rings, sterling silver rings are considered one of the most desired forms of jewelry to purchase. There are various designs of silver rings available in the wholesale sterling silver rings market. With the improvements in design and type of rings, antique sterling silver rings are and have always been in the limelight. Sterling silver rings are worn on every finger and new sterling silver ring bands are specially designed to wear on the thumb.

They are durable, stern, and extremely beautiful. Currently, their demand is rising among women because of their unique design. If you are looking forward to buying wholesale sterling silver rings, you have made an excellent choice.

To buy the best and inexpensive sterling silver rings, here are some effective methods that can be added & applicable to your evaluation:

Decide your Budget:

You will be confronted with a huge variety of designs and choices when it comes to sparkling sterling silver rings. Before choosing a design, have a price range in your mind. This will help the jeweler to find the perfect design for you within the affordable range.

Name the budget a bit lower than the original one, it can lead you away from any sort of scamming from the seller’s side. They’re bound to show you rings that are lower in price when compared to the cash in your wallet.

Know your ring size:

Before going to buy sterling silver rings, make sure you know your ring size. For this find a piece of paper (1/2 inch wide). Wrap it around the base of your finger. Mark the point on the paper where it overlaps and performs a complete circle. Measure the length from the starting to the endpoint. Use the UK or US ring measurement chart to determine your ring size.

Choose your design:

The design of each sterling silver ring is distinctive. It’s your personal preference about choosing the perfect design for yourself. High-quality silver rings with every shape and size are available in wholesale sterling silver jewelry markets. If you are struggling and unsure about choosing the best design, you can consult your family and friends.

sterling silver rings
sterling silver rings


You can select from the various design available. It can either be a single stone, side stone, three stone, halo setting, or a ring band. Compare similar designs to determine which one to purchase within the price range you have already decided.

Look for a guaranteed product:

Sterling silver (an alloy of silver ) is 92.5% of silver and 7.5% of copper, by weight. Copper is added to make it stronger and increase its strength. If you are looking forward to buying wholesale sterling silver rings to last a while, look for its guarantee and its quality.

Star point:

Whenever buying a product. Make sure to go for the one that has a reasonable guarantee. Do not rush for something with a long-term guarantee since the product is less usable and not of the best quality.

Quality check:

When buying sterling silver rings, one cannot be sure because there is a whole lot of metals that look exactly like silver. So, before purchasing the rings, make sure to check their quality and authenticity. Sterling silver rings are known for their durability and strength.

Make sure the rings you are purchasing are not peeling from outside and have distorted colors. Many of the wholesale sterling silver rings have 925 imprinted on the inside but not all.

Sterling silver rings do not corrode easily and hold up their cost.

Where to buy it?

In the sea of trendy gold jewelry, sometimes a flash of silver jewelry can break up the tedium. Finding a perfect place to find inexpensive wholesale sterling silver rings is rather difficult but not impossible. Each brand has its quality, design, and affordability level.

You can find inexpensive and best-quality sterling silver rings in a wholesale jewelry market. Other than that, you can search online for the places from where you can purchase silver rings after checking out the cost and quality descriptions. The best of all is to visit a wholesale jewelry shop where you can check its quality and look for the best designs and types according to your taste.

Compare Prices:

Before purchasing your quality wholesale sterling silver rings, it’s the best idea to shop around before making a final verdict. Compare similar designs and their prices to decide which one goes with your taste and budget. You can check them online with the market price to know that you’re still on the right path.

sterling silver rings
sterling silver rings

Try to look for deals:

When looking for the best but inexpensive sterling silver rings ask for some special discounts. It is always good to look for special deals and discounts when buying wholesale. You’ll be able to save on your purchase.

Avoid Using Expensive Cleaning Methods:

Keeping the budget under control does not only mean that you’ll get to buy something inexpensive and that’ll do the trick. That is just like allowing yourself to buy a new ring since the cost ends up being equal to the same cost you bought the ring with, in the first place. Cleaners rip a lot of money from you, even more in comparison to what you’ve paid for the ring itself. Maintaining it shouldn’t be equal to the cost you’ve already given out.


Buying inexpensive wholesale sterling silver rings can be frustrating sometimes. But plenty of wholesaler jewelers have made this buying process easier by providing product descriptions. These descriptions with certifications are available online. We hope this article was of good use to you.
Happy shopping!

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