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How to Keep Wholesale Sterling Silver Jewelry from Tarnishing?

Why Sterling Silver Jewelry Tarnish?

The explanation is quite simple. Fine silver is 99.9% pure silver. However, pure silver on its own is somewhat soft. That is why silver is usually alloyed with metals like copper, zinc, or nickel. The alloy version is called sterling silver. It is 92.5% silver and 7.5% other metal by weight.

makes the silver hard and long wearable. The copper, zinc, or nickel in your wholesale sterling silver jewelry is the reason of its tarnish. It happens because, over time, metals in silver will react with moisture and Sulphur or oxygen of the atmosphere. Certain factors can speed up the tarnish process like humidity, body lotion, deodorant, etc.  


Sterling Silver Jewelry


Precise History of Jewelry

The love of jewelry is not new. From the very start, people were fond of it and liked it. Of course, the jewelry that existed back then was different from what it is now. Wholesale Sterling Silver Jewelry Long before make-up products, jewelry was the only thing people wore for personal adornment or fulfillment. Jewelry can be anything that you want to wear for your beauty. It can be either on your body or on your clothes; for example, a necklace, ring, cufflinks, buttons, etc. It is also important to note that the form of jewelry varies from region to region throughout the world. In one region, you may see shell’ jewelry is common, while in some other region, plant’ jewelry maybe even more popular, different cultures, different practices, different ideas of beauty, and hence different jewelry.


Sterling Silver Jewelry

Most Common Jewelry

However, one type of jewelry is the most common throughout the world, and that is metal jewelry. Sometimes metal jewelry is also used with gemstones to enhance its worth and beauty. But metal like gold, silver, or platinum is very much valuable even without gemstones. People who are crazy about jewelry love to buy all three of these metals. wholesale jewelry Some also save up for months or years to buy their favorite piece of metal jewelry. The most expensive and beautiful metal is platinum.

It is because platinum has a high density, and metals are priced according to their weight. The metal platinum is also mined much less than gold or silver. 

Budget Metal aka Sterling Silver

This surely doesn’t mean you cannot get something as beautiful as platinum on a budget. You know how? Because silver is exactly like platinum. It may be light in weight but in no way less graceful than platinum. Wholesale sterling silver jewelry is even cheaper than silver jewelry. It is at the same level of grace, and you don’t need to have an extra budget. So why get artificial jewelry when you can have real jewelry at almost the same price?

But of course, an alloy like sterling silver will have its downside. The only small problem that comes with wholesale sterling silver jewelry is tarnished. 


Sterling Silver Jewelry

Methods to Keep Sterling Silver From Tarnishing

We do have a few tricks and tips for you to make your wholesale sterling silver jewelry last long. They are as follow:

Less moisture – If you are wearing sterling silver on any body part, make sure it has less moisture, like sweat, deodorant, lotion, etc. As moisture will only speed up the tarnishing process. 

Less humidity – As durable as silver, maybe, it still does need some care. Try to wear your sterling silver on days with less moisture. Nothing would happen to the durability of silver, but it will start looking bad. And you don’t want that for your beautiful silver. 

Store in full packing – Try not to be careless with your precious jewelry. When you come home and put it off, keep it secure. Put the jewelry in its packaging, and if you do not have it, store it in soft clothing like cotton. Make sure to save it from the dust as well. 

Wear it more often – You sure may want to save it from humidity, but storing it in a cupboard more often will make it more prone to tarnish. So it would help if you wear and flaunt it more often.

Why Should You Buy Wholesale Sterling Jewelry?

There are three main reasons why you should buy and prefer wholesale sterling silver jewelry over any other jewelry or metal.

  • Affordable  First of all, silver is the most affordable precious metal. And when it is made into sterling silver, it is even more affordable. That is why it is stupid to waste your hard-earned money on other metals when you can quickly get wholesale sterling silver jewelry at a very pocket-friendly price.
  • Durable – Second, sterling silver is durable than gold and pure silver. This means it can be the right partner for your daily wear. You will not have to save it just for special occasions. Flaunt your silver daily as it is more robust than you think.
  • Graceful – Third, as surprising as it may sound, silver is more elegant and prettier than gold. It is less precious, but in looks, it is equal to platinum, which is the most expensive metal. You will find silver jewelry more soothing and minimalistic, which is the trend these days.   

Where can You Buy Wholesale Sterling Jewelry?

Wholesale sterling silver jewelry is not hard to find. It is available in abundance as it is the most demanded one. You can quickly get your wholesale sterling silver jewelry at the local jeweler store. It is the safest and safe option; if you are thinking why? Then it is because they most usually have authentic jewelry. You can also get several designs. Sterling Silver Jewelry There is always the possibility of exchanging other designs or selling your jewelry at an excellent price.

But it would help if you always went to a trusted retailer. Do your research.

However, if you cannot find a local jeweler or don’t have time to visit the store yourself, you can always order online. Many of the jewelry stores have their online stores through which you can easily buy the piece you like, and it will be delivered to you. Amazon also has wholesale sterling silver jewelry from verified retailers. But when shopping online tries to check the reviews first.