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How to identify wholesale sterling silver necklace

In case you are trying to think to buy a wholesale sterling silver necklace and you want to distinguish between solid wholesome silver and 925 genuine silver. It should be known that silver doesn’t completely comprise of all silver. It has a few percentages of mixed alloys or metals and copper as well. These few percentages can be around 0.1%.

While on the other hand, the wholesale sterling silver necklace consists of 92.5% of the raw solid silver and the rest is mostly copper. This is why wholesale jewelry is called as 925 sterling silver.

There is a misconception that if the jewelry is from a wholesale shop then it might be of low quality or cheap. This is completely wrong. If you have been buying jewelry of any of these types I must say they might be intimation or dummy of what you think you have been buying.

Silver in nature is very soft and malleable which can be difficult when we are making certain designs for silver necklaces. To make it hard we add that certain percentage so designs can easily be made. 

It is important when you spent an amount on a wholesale sterling silver necklace


it should be something of worth. You must need to follow some key points while buying your precious sterling silver necklace:

  • Search for imprint:

It is very popular that a genuine wholesale sterling silver necklace will have a mark on the back of its design or somewhere similar.  These stamps are found very less since there were strict laws that were imposed onto the industry by the US government which expresses that no plated silver material will have a stamp or trademark on their surface that followed a standardized pattern. Some of these standards may include “Sterling Silver” or “925” etc. You need to make sure that it is imprinted and it is not a paper sticker. This has resulted in a constrained for gems creators who utilize the less expensive plated silver metal to check their items as “silver-plated.”


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  • The Smell test

This may be out of your comfort zone and may look awkward when performing it in front of the seller but this is essential to identify your sterling silver necklace. There should not be any type of scent in the wholesale sterling silver necklace since there is no fragrance of sterling silver. While sniffing, if you do sense any kind of weird or strange smell it may be copper of any type of metals that may have been mixed.  From here you can judge that it is an original or not. 


  • The Acid Test

You need to be very careful while performing some of these tests since they can cause damage to your wholesale sterling silver necklace

  • You may need to go to a professional jeweler since he might be having some of the chemicals to test these out. You will need some nitric acid to identify the authenticity of the jewelry. Put your sterling silver necklace into a wide plate and then add a drop of nitric acid on top of it. If your sterling silver necklace is real you don’t need to worry about it. But if it isn’t then you may be worried. Because it will result in discoloration and will turn green.
  • If you have nitric acid at home and you want to try this test then be very careful. Wear gloves and mask to be safe.


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  • The Ice Cube Test

This is one of the most useful tips that you might be reading. If you ever read science and studied particularly about metals and their melting and boiling points then it will be easier to understand.  Silver has a very high boiling point. This means that if ice cubes are kept on a stainless steel spoon the ice will start to melt very quickly. This shows that the steel spoon is made up of steal. Although ice does melt at room temperature too.

But putting steal spoon on it will make the process faster. Similarly, if you want to check that if it is a wholesale sterling silver necklace or not. You can put the necklace on top of an ice cube or vice versa and check whether or not the necklace is a 925 sterling silver. This method is easier as you don’t have to go to a professional and can easily do at it home.


  • The Magnet Test

This test can also be done at home. You simply need is a magnet. You can use a strong magnet if available or otherwise the magnet on the fridge would work perfectly fine. Now all you need to do is to check whether or not the sterling silver necklace attracts the magnet or not. Silver ring Silver is not a magnetic material which means that the magnet should not attract or stick to the magnet when you bring it near. 

You can also try this by sliding it on a magnet bar. On one side place a magnetic metal and on the other place the wholesale necklace. The necklace should slide down faster and magnetic metal will slide slower. 


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In Conclusion

Lastly, concluding all the tips and tricks all together you need to make sure that you are getting what you are paying for. Make it worth it and wear it as you own it. You must also check the price. The wholesale sterling silver necklace can never cheap or low in price. 


Other than this you must know that when you use a sterling silver necklace it should not fade its color with water or with time. Some necklaces discolor when putting in water or when perfumes are put onto it. 


These are all the important techniques you must know to identify that you have the right and authentic sterling silver necklace in your hand. You don’t need to worry if the results are perfectly fine with even just one test from above.