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Is wholesale sterling silver jewelry 925 expensive?


Are you planning to invest in wholesale sterling silver? The silver jewelry 925 pieces come in different styles and trending designs which makes you look incredibly gorgeous. Are you wondering about whether wholesale silver jewelry 925 pieces are expensive or they come at affordable prices? These sterling silver pieces come at a wide range of prices. Factors that result in increased cost of sterling

silver jewelry 925 pieces:

It all depends on the following factors, so have a look at how the rates of wholesale sterling silver jewelry 925 become expensive:

Price of wholesale sterling silver for each gram:

The essential part of the information regarding the price of sterling silver jewelry 925 pieces is that you should consider each gram of silver. You need to consider the fundamental raw cost of the material used for making sterling silver jewelry 925 pieces. For example, the cost for silver comes at around $9.5 for each ounce, and the price for each gram is then divided by the price per ounce, which is about 31.5. So, if you consider the cost for a 10-gram wedding wholesale silver ring band, then the cost will be around $3.

silver jewelry 925

Cost of labor:

The price for wholesale sterling silver is also based on labor cost. For turning the raw materials within finished goods, you need to deal with the processing cost. The silver metal is melted, cast, and molded, then polished, and then assembled. Silver metal is then accented using various stones and gems.

Cost of addition to different materials:

Other than the cost of wholesale sterling silver, there is also an additional cost of different materials in jewelry making. For example, if you plan to buy silver earrings and are added with pearls having a rhodium finish, it can double the cost of your silver jewelry 925. If your silver jewelry 925 is rhodium-plated, your accessories might be expensive, plus it makes them highly resistant to tarnish. The use of rhodium makes it extremely expensive.

Cost of shipping:

There are different styles and designs in wholesale sterling silver jewelry 925 which are imported from other countries. It all depends on the availability of various raw materials like gems, stones, or intricate designs. It also depends on the specialty of that manufacturer based on particular styles. It is because of this reason that the shipping cost for transport also includes the total price. The imported silver jewelry 925 comes with a 10% extra shipping cost to how much is the cost for the jewelry.

Customs duties and taxes:

So, if you are buying wholesale sterling silver jewelry 925  and imported, then there is an additional cost of customs duties. However, if you purchase sterling silver jewelry 925 from a local market and locally made it, you don’t need to pay any such expenditure. The cost for everyday jewelry rises to around 5-10% if imported because of such taxes.
silver jewelry 925

Fluctuation of prices:

If you are buying wholesale sterling silver jewelry 925  pieces, then you must be aware of the scenario that there is a difference in price from one month to another. It’s all because of the fluctuation of prices, and it depends on the current price of silver daily.

Cost of business:

Similar to other businesses, you need to cover the price of sales of your business overhead to run the business smoothly. The average overhead costs in such companies include employees’ salaries, rent, breakage, or utilities. If you buy your wholesale sterling silver jewelry 925  from a vast store that is quite fancy, you might need to pay extra when purchasing sterling silver jewelry 925.

Profit of the seller:

There are different types of silver jewelry 925  sellers in the market, so wholesale sterling silver jewelry 925  varies from one seller to another. Before you buy your favorite silver jewelry 925  pieces, you need to make a conscious decision not to suffer from any scams.

There are fake sellers in the market who add extra metals with sterling silver making them lustrous. Buyers usually end up buying such silver jewelry at low prices. If you are well aware of the rates of wholesale silver jewelry, you won’t end up purchasing such pieces and fall into deals where they offer low prices compared to the average cost.


Wholesale sterling silver jewelry pieces come with a plating that prevents them from tarnishing and enhances their longevity. Rhodium plating, for instance, is one of the standard methods which prevents silver from turning yellow after a specific time. Such finishing methods might increase the cost of your mesmerizing jewelry pieces. Rhodium plating is one of the most expensive methods in the silver market. It enhances the cost of your sterling silver jewelry pieces by five cents in each gram.

There are high polished sterling silver pieces in the market, too, where you don’t need any plating, and they are ideal for people who are allergic to metals like nickel.
There are silver jewelry pieces in the market too, which feature black, antique color for catering to the needs of consumers. Such items are processed within chemical solutions for oxidizing the entire jewelry leading to high prices.

Another method of plating includes nickel plating, which is used on Italian silver pieces mainly. However, this method is affordable, but it’s illegal within some countries.

Stone cutting or setting within sterling silver:

Wholesale sterling silver jewelry also comes with stones in it. They are either available in synthetic or natural stones set over it. Cutting or setting stones can also enhance the look of your silver jewelry, creating a detailed look with perfect brilliance.

silver jewelry 925

Final Verdict:

Wondering how wholesale sterling silver is expensive in some parts and affordable in other regions. Hope the entire technique and finishing methods with plating plus imported jewelry pieces make it clear why some pieces are so expensive.

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Are you planning to invest in wholesale sterling silver jewelry 925? But not sure whether it’s expensive or affordable, then click now to find out all about expensive and affordable pieces.

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