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    How to make the wholesale sterling silver jewelry last longer

    What would you like to have? Wholesale sterling silver or expensive gold jewelry. Everyone wants a jewelry piece that is affordable and good looking. Sterling silver adds an extra elegant look to your outfit. With the changing trends and fashion, silver remains the top choice. Many people prefer sterling silver jewelry over any other jewelry because it offers versatility. Pure silver is…

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    Best Wholesale jewelry rings To Get Your Hands On

    The silver rings, best acknowledged for their beauty and strength, and adding one to your collection would be excellent as it one of the top metals that is preferred for jewelry, and is always the best choice when shopping for both men and women. jewelry rings It’s a versatile choice, molded into delicate shapes and designed with artistic engravings. Silver…

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    How to identify wholesale sterling silver necklace

    In case you are trying to think to buy a wholesale sterling silver necklace and you want to distinguish between solid wholesome silver and 925 genuine silver. It should be known that silver doesn’t completely comprise of all silver. It has a few percentages of mixed alloys or metals and copper as well. These few percentages can be around 0.1%.…

  • Marcasite Earrings
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    How to Style Wholesale Sterling Silver Marcasite Earrings With Your Outfits

    When the need arrives to upgrade your entire look without a whole lot of effort, most of us immediately think of jewelry. Earrings are an easy option to do just that, just slide them through and you’re immediately looking better. Wholesale sterling silver marcasite earrings are convenient and economically smart pieces to have in your collection, and here’s how to style wholesale sterling…

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    Why invest in wholesale sterling silver bracelets?

    It is important to know where your money is being invested and how much worth it or how long will it last? All these and other multiple questions will be answered in the following article. Before investing a handsome amount you will do your homework on where and how to buy wholesale sterling silver bracelets. Either go to the shop…

  • Sterling Silver Jewelry
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    How to Keep Wholesale Sterling Silver Jewelry from Tarnishing?

    Why Sterling Silver Jewelry Tarnish? The explanation is quite simple. Fine silver is 99.9% pure silver. However, pure silver on its own is somewhat soft. That is why silver is usually alloyed with metals like copper, zinc, or nickel. The alloy version is called sterling silver. It is 92.5% silver and 7.5% other metal by weight. makes the silver hard…

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    How to clean silver rings (Step-by-step guide)

    Guidance clean silver ring   Are you tired of searching for the right ways to clean silver rings? Can’t find the right methods and guidance for cleaning them? Don’t worry as we are here to help you out in the most effective ways possible. In order to clean silver rings, you don’t need expensive chemicals at all to polish these…