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How to clean silver rings (Step-by-step guide)

Guidance clean silver ring


Are you tired of searching for the right ways to clean silver rings? Can’t find the right methods and guidance for cleaning them? Don’t worry as we are here to help you out in the most effective ways possible. In order to clean silver rings, you don’t need expensive chemicals at all to polish these wonderful rings. Why? It’ll only make things worse for you and a waste of money as well. To ensure the best results, we are going to share some brilliant step-by-step techniques that’ll make your rings shine bright forever.

Why should you trust us for ways to clean silver rings?

By now, you must be wondering why you should trust us for giving tips on how to clean silver rings. For obvious reasons, you would be reluctant upon reading ahead in the fear that these tips might fail. But not everything that you find on the internet is always wrong!

Some of the tips do show real results, which is why we’re here to share them with you. The best part about these tips is that they are all done by household products that you already have. You’ll find them somewhere in your kitchen mostly. Even if you don’t have them, you can find these at a store nearby with a cheap price. Now, what exactly are these products that you must look for to clean silver rings? Read ahead to find their names and what you should combine it with to make the solution for cleaning.

What ingredients to look for in your home itself?

  • Vinegar and Baking Soda:

This is by far the most effective method to clean silver rings. Vinegar is known to have acetic acid that is a mild acid generally used for cleaning purposes at home. Baking soda, on the other hand, is a salt (Sodium Carbonate) which is alkaline in nature. This is the reason why it can use for washing metals, like silver easily.

  • Lemon Juice and Salt:

Lemon juice is purely citric acid which is a miracle for removing rusty stains off of metals, like silver. Salt, on the other hand, works well with lemon juice or baking soda to wipe away rust from silver. By making a lemon juice and salt combination to clean silver rings, you’ll find your jewelry looking brand new.

  • Aluminum Foil:

Aluminum has a high amount of sulfur than silver. When you put silver items onto aluminum for cleaning, the sulfur comes off from the silver metal onto aluminum. This is the reason why you will be needing aluminum foil to clean silver rings.

  • Beer:


While, this may sound a little weird, but your favorite beverage beer might as well do wonders for cleaning. You can also clean silver rings with the help of a soft fabric cloth to wipe them gently with beer. You later have to soak in warm water to remove the residue of beer from your silver rings.

  • Non-gel Toothpaste:


Non-gel toothpaste is basically white paste forms of toothpaste that contain baking soda. It also has peroxide which helps in cleaning your teeth well and good. This is the reason why you’ll be needing this to clean silver rings.

How to begin cleaning silver rings?

Now comes the fun part where you’ll discover a step-by-step guide to clean silver rings. As previously mentioned, we are going to tell you the methods with these home ingredients. Be sure to have a quick check at home whether you have them available or not.

  • Vinegar and Baking Soda:


Make a solution by adding two tablespoons of baking soda and half cup vinegar. Stir it well and put all your silver rings into the plastic container for 2-3 hours. Make sure all items are soaked well into the solution. After the time is up, take the rings out one by

one and start scrubbing it with a toothbrush. Wash it with cold water and the rust will come off easily. Repeat for all silver items.

  • Lemon Juice and Salt:


Make a solution in 350ml warm water, so that the salt and lemon juice dissolves easily. Add three tablespoons of salt and lemon juice and stir up the solution. Put all your silver rings into the solution and leave for overnight. To clean silver rings afterward, wash them under warm water and dry with soft fabric cloth.