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About Us - Ring Jewelry 4 Sell

About Us – Ring Jewelry 4 Sell Long story short: I thought I wanted to share that view on brands and products and insights with the world and started to publish content. Whilst overthinking what the next step in my career would be. I didn’t mean to become a blogger, I was looking for a job in jewelry really, but within a few months, I had my first assignment as a freelance contributor.

Over the past 5 years, many magazines worldwide have found their way to me and as I always had a passion for sales and marketing within the jewelry industry, it became my focus area of research. And I write about this and beautiful designers and brands for seriously beautiful jewelry trade magazines. wholesale jewelry

What blogging also brought me is freedom, and a chance to talk and read about jewelry all the time. My love for the subject has only grown and I am still enchanted, full of wonder, excitement and so much more when I see truly beautiful designs. I love many people within the industry and it’s old-fashioned but also willing to take huge risks and leaps into the future. I kind of dig that contradiction.

About Us - Ring Jewelry 4 Sell
About Us - Ring Jewelry 4 Sell


 I started to get noticed as someone with an opinion about the industry. With ideas about improving things. It resulted in opinion articles in renowned magazines. Yet, brands and stores started to reach out to me too for consultancy and training. ‘’How to create a compelling client journey? How to set up a business blog? How to create a coherent collection, how to get your employees to become ambassadors for your store or brand. How to improve sales with storytelling and so on. I am a blogger, yes, but it turned into so much more and  I couldn’t have predicted that back in 2019.